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Manage your databases with SIDU.

What is SIDU

A free database client that works via a web browser, SIDU is an acronym for SQL Select Insert Delete Update. SIDU is a simple, intuitive and easy database admin tool. SIDU works via web browsers such as Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc. SIDU looks like database font-end software GUI rather than web pages. SIDU is not only a joy tool, it helps you to have an easy life with databases, and enjoy the relaxation at work.

Why use Truehoster Unlimited Hosting?


You can easily update your application from inside the cPanel.


We use mod_security to add an extra layer of security on top of your web application.


With TrueHoster, you get the same application and configuration regardless of the hosting you are deploying SIDU to. This makes it easy to migrate between different servers using cPanel.

SIDU Truehoster Unlimited Hosting