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A free chat system, phpFreeChat is easy to use and install.

What is phpFreeChat

A free, simple to install, fast, customizable and multi languages, phpFreeChat uses a simple filesystem for message and nickname storage. It uses AJAX to smoothly refresh (no flicker) and display the chat zone and the nickname zone. It supports multi-rooms (/join), private messages, moderation (/kick, /ban), customized themes based on CSS and plugins systems that allows you to write your own storage routines (ex: Mysql, IRC backends), and you own chat commands !

Why use Truehoster Unlimited Hosting?


You can easily update your application from inside the cPanel.


We use mod_security to add an extra layer of security on top of your web application.


With TrueHoster, you get the same application and configuration regardless of the hosting you are deploying phpFreeChat to. This makes it easy to migrate between different servers using cPanel.

phpFreeChat Truehoster Unlimited Hosting