We’ve launched one-click apps!

In our fast-paced world, time is of the essence. People rely on one another to accomplish tasks within a certain timeframe, so that things can run smoothly and no time is wasted. In business, this is all the more important. If one employee or one group working in a company fails to deliver results within an established period of time, things can go quite wrong.

We here at True Hoster acknowledge this reality. We know that you’d rather spend your time focusing on your business, making sure it prospers, than wasting it on tasks can could very well be automated or at the very least, largely optimized. For us here at True Hoster, time optimization is a priority. We strive to make the process of registration as quick and straightforward as possible.

Acting on the same principle, we are now excited to announce that we have launched one-click apps! Through this new feature, we aim to extend the functionality of your shared hosting account and eliminate the need to spend more time than you should manually setting it up.

Our brand-new collection includes a large variety of one-click apps, all serving different yet equally important functions in the maintenance and functionality of your websites. Some of the most popular categories are Content Management System with over 70 apps, E-commerce with over 40 apps and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with over 20 apps.

Our Blogs category offers one of the best known and appreciated apps for blogging and blog maintenance, such as WordPress, Serendipity, Pixie and more, all just one click away. Setting up, customizing, monitoring and updating your blog has never been easier!

We’ve also included a number of one-click apps to make life easier for those of you, our customers, who work with databases on a regular basis. MyWEBSQL, phpMyAdmin, Chive and Adminer are among the apps that we offer through our new feature.

For those using shared hosting in an educational environment, we provide a set of essential apps such as Chamilo, Gibbon, Moodle, TCExam and many more. With such top quality e-learning software, your teachers and educators can get ready for teaching in no time.

Last but certainly not least, our Libraries category includes some of the most popular apps for web developers: jQuery, Vue.js, Sizzle, AngularJS, MooTools and many others. Though they are primarily designed for web developers, these apps are so easy to use that they can be operated even by those with less technical knowledge.

We’ve highlighted here some of the important aspects of our newly-introduced feature, but we hope you’ll visit the actual page for a lot more information on every single one of these apps! You can find it very conveniently placed in the navigation bar on the top side of our website.

Once you’re there, you can easily navigate through  all the categories on the left sidebar and also use the search box if you already have an app in mind. We hope you’ll not only enjoy this feature, but also find it extremely useful in the development and maintenance of your online business!

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