Is there such a thing as too much content?

In your efforts to establish a strong presence, for your business or simply for yourself, you might have come across this question: is there such a thing as a too much content on a website? Probably your first instinct is to say no. How could there be? The more content your website offers, the more prospective clients will learn about your business or a particular topic that your website addresses.

Posting frequency

But, as it turns out, the answer to this question is a bit more complicated than that. The question refers mostly to blogs – either standalone or those that complement an e-commerce website, for instance. Naturally, standalone blogs should be updated regularly, if not daily, whereas “complementary” blogs can get away with being updated once a week, because the focus of the website is on the products or service being sold.

Content length

There are also other factors that can further complicate the answer, such as content length. More specifically, article length. The idea that the bigger your content, either more images, videos or, most commonly, longer written content, the better for your SEO and traffic has long been debated.

In this sense, John Rampton writes for, “You’ve probably heard plenty of supporters who champion shorter posts, meaning posts that are around 200 words. This is perfectly acceptable if your blog has been created to sell a product or service. (…) it may be more challenging to actually write posts that are 200 words long. But, if you can make all of your points and grab people’s attention, then go for it.”

Content quality

The same online contributor argues that while shorter posts can be very effective, longer posts are great for SEO, so they may contribute to more rewarding marketing campaigns. But in the end, it all comes down to the quality of your content.

In a 2009 article, Jonathan Morrow argues that “sometimes, it takes 3,700 words to make an idea stand out. Other times, all you need is a few sentences. What’s important is that you do your idea justice in as few words as possible.” If your posts are generally shorter but succeed in getting the idea across, then you’re set. Surely, you may need to slightly adjust your style for SEO purposes.

In the end, there is such a thing as too much content… if it’s bad. By bad we mean unnecessarily long, bulky and irrelevant. It is important to acknowledge your audience and tailor your content so as to meet their needs and expectations, but also stay true to your style. Do not be afraid to experiment with new formats or mediums, that’s the only way to learn what works best for you and your audience.



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