Estimating the costs of building a website

  There simply isn’t and will never be a single answer to the question “how much will my website cost?”. The reason behind that is that no two websites are the same, despite looking similar or apparently serving a common function. So there’s no point in trying to put a price tag on your website. Instead, you should try to understand what to expect to receive with a certain budget.

  The cost of every website is determined by its size, functionality and complexity, as well as the many components that can be integrated into it depending on your business needs. Complementary services such as custom photography or copy-writing will surely increase the costs of your website, however, they contribute to a more pleasant user experience.

what is the primary function of my website

  Estimating the budget you must set for launching a website is no easy task, but it does help ask yourself important questions about your business and its future plans. Questions like ‘what is the primary function of my website?’ , ‘what kind of services does it offer’ or ‘what’s my target audience / customer?’ should be considered before you can begin a estimation of the costs of your website.

  Business assessments are crucial because they help you see things in a wider perspective and they train you to weigh your options very carefully before making any decision. When it comes to your investments – of whatever nature they may be – caution is key.

  Between web development, hosting and other additional costs, websites can be quite expensive. But your business needs them, as they are essential for establishing a strong presence in the online world. So, to get more precise, let’s see what you can expect to get in terms of website development within a certain budget.

cost-effective web hosting

  For a relatively small budget, under $5,000, you can have the most basic type of website, usually based on templates. Websites like these don’t usually stand out, but they serve standard functions and they are fit for small businesses and personal websites. When working with a small budget, you can opt for shared hosting as it’s the most cost-effective web hosting option on the market.

  For over $10,000 you can expect to afford much more complex, dynamic websites that accommodate some of your more extravagant preferences. With a larger budget, you can upgrade your hosting to something more exclusive like dedicated servers or VPS and enlist the service of web developers and designers that will make your website stand out not only for its purpose and the business that it promotes but also in terms of look and functionality.

  Some organizations afford to pay over $100,000 on developing their website because they recognize the importance of a unique identity online, and also, of course, because they can afford it. Nevertheless, creating and developing the perfect website to reflect your business vision is very important, so don’t hesitate to invest in the best professionals you can afford to take care of this matter.

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