Does your website absolutely require SSL encryption?

With the rise of the internet, we have gradually learned to adapt to the digital world and make it work in our favor. Nowadays, our lives are made undeniably easier by the internet in many different ways every day. But like with every good thing, there must be some drawbacks to having a relatively strong presence in the online world.

It’s easy to understand why. You rely on the internet for a large number of things: from instantly communicating with your friends at a long distance, to ordering a cab, food or a new sofa for your living room. Many such online activities require you to share confidential information, anything from your real name, address, phone number to highly sensitive business information.

Problem is, you’re not alone in this vast virtual space. Just as you have access to the internet and use it to liking, so do many, many other people in the world. Over 3 billion people to be exact. Therefore, online security should be a top priority for anyone with access to the internet, single consumer or enterprise.

How does encryption work?

That’s where encryption comes in. Everybody acknowledges how essential it is that you protect your data (and that of your client, in the case of a business website) on the internet. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology makes sure that every packet of data that is transmitted to and from the server is encrypted, which makes it very hard for third-party hackers to break in and access confidential information. SSL is critical for every website with content that needs to be protected.

Why is it controversial?

Yet nowadays, encryption has become a rather controversial topic. After the recent terror attacks in London, UK have been pushing against encryption technology, arguing that it hinders their efforts to access the private messages of criminal users. In such cases, we believe that authorities must find a way to work around encryption and not let become a barrier that block their investigations.

It is really indispensable to you as an online business owner?

Regardless, as a business website owner, you should make SSL encryption a top priority. Customers will generally entrust a lot of their confidential information to your business assuming that this data shall not be breached. A SSL certificate on your website will help you keep that promise and protect their data from third-party intrusions. That will, in turn, help you build up customer trust and a good reputation and set your business on the path to success.

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